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Receptionist. Live Phone Answering.

Receptionist. Live Phone Answering.


One great benefit Attorney Office Space Customers can enjoy is our list of Business Support Services. Now you can work smarter, focus on growing your business while maintaining low overhead.

By using our amazing team, it is like having a Virtual Assistant! Ask our team for assistance so you can keep your costs down.  Whether you are at the Attorney Office Space  location, or one of the Crowne Office Suites Locations, the following services are available to our customers.

Check our list of services, billed in 6 minute increments:

Secretarial/Clerical Services

(copying, stuffing envelopes, mail forwarding, checking mail when client calls in, preparing FedEx/UPS, etc.)

Word Processing

Network and Desktop Support  (www.myquicktechpro.com)

Notary public

B/W Copies/ Color Copies




Parking Validations    (Daily or Hourly)

Office Supplies (Paper, Envelopes, mailing supplies).

Additional Telecommunications Services:

1-800 Number.

411 Directory Listing.

Marquis Lobby Listing.

Temporary Voice Mailbox Usage after Termination of Lease.

After hours forwarding and unforwarding of line .

Voice mail to email.

Dedicated Bandwidth    (up to 5MG per office available!)

 Video Conferencing (available by the hour or day).

LCD projector.

*Subject to availability of team members; may not be able to turn everything around immediately. Business Support Services are in addition to normal billing.

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